Thursday, January 12, 2017

Whaling Elephants and Imaginary Friends

I was on the phone with my DH when Lydia started yelling, "No, no, no." This soon became "Nooooh, nooooh!" Then noises from her sounded like a whaling animal, as she kept yelling "No" at no one in particular. My DH, who could hear the cries over the phone, asked, "What in the world is making that noise? " I quickly explained (as best I could) that it was a "who" not a "what", and what was occurring. He added, "Well someone needs to help her, she sounds like a dying elephant."

I rang off and made my way across the room. "Miss" Lydia, the patient who sounded as if she were in such dire straits, was leaning over the side of one of the lounge chairs still crying for help. The nurses came over, checked her, and tried to straighten her up in her chair.

As I sat down to read I became aware of 2 female patients in deep conversation. After I paid more attention to them, I realized they were not talking to each other, they were each talking to themselves or to another party, whose presence I was not aware of.

My parents were quick to remind me that when I was 2 years old, I had an imaginary friend named "Googy". When I was sent to sit on the back steps, ie in time out, they would find me in deep conversation with my friend. Given my history with Googy, who was I to judge Helen and Martha?

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