Saturday, January 7, 2017

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

As I was trying to read quietly in the corner, I noticed music coming from somewhere in the middle of the room. The music got louder as did the decibels of the karaoke. I looked over to see an older woman dressed in blue scrubs and a red stocking hat, singing to her heart's content to songs by Michael Jackson and Barry White. Then scenes from the "Body Guard" came up on the TV and now she was singing along with Whitney Houston.

She knew all the words to Houston's hit song, "And I will always love you." When the song was about to reach the crescendo, "Miss" Jane's table mates just encouraged her. "Come on, you can reach that note and hold it, just like Whitney. Come on you can do it."

Sure enough as Whitney's phenomenal voice sang the song, "Miss" Jane kept up with her, holding her own. There was applause all around when she finished.

Then a music video by Earth, Wind, and Fire appeared on the screen. "Miss" Jane let it be known - very loudly - that she was not a fan. And when no one changed the video, she started yelling, "I don't want no Earth, Wind, and Fire. I need my Michael. Get that s&^t off the screen. I need my Michael."

Now, at the same time, a lady sitting at the same table as "Miss" Jane  was yelling, "Help, help, help me", for no reason anyone could see. Just then George shuffled out of a room, stopped, looked around, and shuffled into the next room. All the while his minder was trying to steer him back to the common area where he could sit down.

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