Saturday, January 28, 2017

Communications From a UFO

As we waited for the therapist, George announced to no one in particular, "The blinking lights are signals from a UFO." 

Randal responded "I don't think so." 

Margaret said "Has your medication been changed lately?"

George replied, "They are telling me that God wants to see me."

Margaret laughed, "Not anytime soon, I hope."

George, pointing at the ceiling, "They are blinking again, do you see them? Now they are saying that they will be taking over."

Donald asked "Are there any little green men?"

George looked at him, "No, that would be crazy. Little green men? What do you think this is, My Favorite Martian?" 

Ruth added, "Well I hear voices all the time but it is neither God nor little green men." 

George once again, "There are NO little green men. Do you know how absurd that would be?"

Levi spoke up, "I hear God all the time." Then he added,"I don't hear anything."

Peter said, "The thought of us being taken over scares me. My anxiety is very bad right now. I don't think anyone likes me."

Margaret added, "Maybe the little green men would take my children with them."

George, by now irritated, "There are no NO little green men!"

Donald said, "But there is a UFO?"

George answered,  "Of course, there has to be a UFO because it is communicating through the flickering lights."

Donald responded, "OK, then if you cannot see the UFO, how do you know there are no little green men?"

George now incensed, "That's ridiculous, if I told you I saw little green men you would think I was crazy and seeing things."

Peter asked in a panic, "What if it does land here?  What if they are going to get us? 

Margaret laughed again, "Not us, but my children." 

Just then the therapist walked in and asked, "What are y'all talking about?"

Donald said, "A UFO that is sending signals to George through the flickering lights in the ceiling."

The therapist looked at George and very seriously said, "Do you see little green men?"

George replied, "No, do you think I'm crazy?"

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