Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Right out of Central Casting

As with any situation, there is a cast of characters. I sitting in one of the small glassed off rooms waiting  for my medical team. An older black man was unplugging 2 sets of electric sheers from the wall. A Med tech happened to be in the room and she asked me if I met Will. I replied no and stood up to introduce myself. The Med tech continued, as she pointed to the sheers in his hands, "He's the best and his price is right. just let him know if you need his services."

I thanked him and said I was fine right now. Will (and his sheers) left the room. After he was out of ear shot, the Med Tech smiled, "I don't think I would have him cut your hair, if I were you. Let's just say - every hair cut he does is a little different and a bit unique." I laughed and told her I would take her advice.

After the meeting wih my doctors, I was going back to my room to pick something up. As I was walking through the common area I culd hear a patient yelling, "I lost my teeth. They are gone."

A Med Tech walked over the gentleman and calmly asked, "Did you put them on your dinner tray?" Then she added, "Did you look in your pocket?" But once again the patient just moaned, "I lost my teeth." The Med Tech asked, "Are you talking about your dentures? Are you missing your tops or your bottoms?"

From across the room, another Med Tech laughed, "Mr. John, open your mouth. Look your teeth are still your mouth." With that the first Med Tech just shook her head and walked away.

Another lady sitting by herself at the table started shouting, "Leave me alone. Go away. Don't push me out of the chair."  When no one came to assist her, she jus got louder, "Help me, help me. No one is paying me any attention."

The nurse walked over, patted her on the back and said, " 'Miss' Lydia, it is all OK, no one is trying to push you out of your chair."

"Miss" Lydia looked up at the nurse and yelled, "Well, why the Hell not."

Meanwhile George was shuffling around. He would walk over and sit in a chair, a minute or 2 later he would get up from that chair and sit in the next one - but not for long.

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