Monday, January 23, 2017


As the therapy session started the therapist said, "I apologize if I cough and wheeze today. I am just getting over this crud. I feel fine, but you would not know it to hear me."

Several folks around the table commented that they, too, had been afflicted by a bad cold or flu and totally understood.

Peter, sitting next to the therapist, said, "I was able to drive on the interstate to Columbia with my mother." This comment was ignored by the group which I found odd.

Sitting across from me was Judy. Now Judy is an older middle age woman wearing a loose red cardigan and thick black rimmed glasses. Her hair is streaked with grey, a little frizzy, but falls on her shoulders. She spoke up. "One of my vocal chords does not work,"  she said pointing to the left side of her neck. "And the doctors do not know what is wrong. I have had an MRI, a CAT scan, and X-rays. Finally one doctor explained to me that the malady is due to a problem with a nerve in my forehead," with that she pointed to the top of her face. "And this nerve goes down my side," she indicated bringing her finger down the right side of her body, stopping at her waist, "Into my stomach where there is some issue."

Several of us just shook our heads, I think in a combination of confusion, empathy, politeness, and, in my case, trying not to laugh. The therapist just smiled and said, "Judy, I hope that gets better."

Then Peter said, "When I feel bad I play with my cat."

I may not get any help out of these sessions, but they will at least be entertaining. You can't make this stuff up.

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