Wednesday, March 1, 2017

No, It Doesn't Hurt

I was once asked, "When you are feeling really blue, having one of your darker days, how does it feel? I mean, do you feel sick? "

"No, this is not a physical illness."

"The only thing I can relate to is being very sad or upset."

I did not respond and left it there. This was obviously coming from someone who could think of nothing else to say but most likely had good intentions. However, I was going to spare him from an answer he probably truly did not want to hear and I definitely had no desire to get into.

Truth is when one is going south and the blues are going from indigo to navy, one retreats from the world. The darker it gets, the less one "feels" pain. Rather the desperation and hopelessness starts a spin that can lead into the death spiral.

OK, that is worse case scenario. And that answer will most likely get one committed. It is hard to explain the pergatory one falls into when one realizes depression is on the horizon like a bad storm.

The trick is learning to be aware of the oncoming storm before it strikes. And if one finds themselves in the rain, do not despair. Even when it is dark, be prepared. Take action. Fear not, the river Styx is no where around.

This is where one's coping skills and support system become invaluable. From the darkness there will be light coming through the clouds. The belief that the sun will rise again returns.

So I think it is a lot easier to say,  "No, this is not a physical illness."

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