Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Me, Myself, and Diane

Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative  Identity Disorder, is fascinating and frightening at the same time. Before my most recent unpleasantness, I had no idea what this diagnosis was. Then I met Levi in therapy. I was not around him long enough to get to know the details of his personalities, I just learned that one never knew "who" Levi would be at any given time during a session. 

One afternoon we were discussing taking care of one's self and the importance of finding time for one's self. We also discussed finding things that brought joy and peace into one's life. 

Levi was sitting to the therapist's right, so he asked him first, "Levi, how do you make time for yourself and what makes you happy?"

Levi sat back in his chair. In a very quiet voice he said, "I spend most of my time alone. Since no one lives with me, finding 'alone time' is not an issue. As for what I do....well, I collect stamps."

"And you find that relaxing?"

"Very much so."

"Good. John what about you?" And around the table he went asking each of us the same questions. The answers ranged from going to the movies to taking a long hike to finding a quiet place in a library. Activities ranged from cooking to scrap booking to furniture making to coloring to reading.

Then he got back to Levi. For some reason Levi thought he needed to reply again. Leaning forward, he laughed and in a loud voice said, "Well you know I live with my 3 sisters and there is always something going on around the house. Those women have never heard of peace and quiet." He laughed again, "To get away and find some time for myself, I take my Harley for a long ride. Then as a hobby, I fancy myself an amateur  taxidermist."  

As the therapist moved on to another subject, a female voice came from Levi, "Are you going to let me answer."

The therapist said, "Of course, I just had not gotten to you yet."

"Well," this female Jersey voice said,"I just go shopping to get away. Helps every time. Nothing like a day with the girls and a little bling."

Then the second Levi spoke up, "Diane, would you please take my sisters with you so I can have some peace and quiet?"

The first Levi said timidly, "You are welcome to join me. It is always quiet at my place. As I said, I'm always alone."

There was some nervous laughter around the table.

In my mind I thought - It is all I can do handling Me, I cannot imagine the confusion of Myself and I being added to the burden.

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